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Our Boarding Kennels

Our Hours:

Monday through Sunday, we are open 8-12 and 4-6 daily.  Sorry no drop ins folks! 

Call or Text anytime at 902-758-3511

  At Ruff Country Kennel, Kim & Don care for your pet on an individual basis, ensuring their comfort and your peace of mind. 
We're a family-run establishment and strive to provide a safe, clean, fun and overall enjoyable stay for your pet.  You can travel with peace of mind knowing your pet is well cared for with us.
To reserve a space for your dog(s) please call  902 - 758-3511
Exercise:  An exercised dog is a balanced dog.  All dogs are exercised four times per day in a common area.  Very secure with an 8' high fence.   They can be exercised together with other boarders or separately, according to your preference.
Safety:  The safe environment we provide is all part of a great experience.  To help with that safety we do not board aggressive dogs.
Feeding:  We feed according to your instructions.  Please bring your dog's own food.
Medications:  Should your pet require any medications during their stay we will administer oral medications and or needles.
Pricing:  Only dogs from the same household share kennels. We operate like a hotel, check out time is 12 noon. You can also check out between 4-6 pm, for an additional charge. As an example, Friday drop off to Sunday morning pick up would be a two ay charge. Friday to Sunday evening, three day charge.
Prices listed below:
All prices include tax.
  • $25/day for 1 dog
  • $35/day for 2 dogs (same kennel) increasing to $40 June 1/18
  • $50/day for 3 dogs (same kennel) increasing to $60 June 1/18
  • $60/day for 4 dogs (same kennel) increasing to $70 June 1/18
Boarding Form:
To save time please fill out our Boarding Form before you arrive.


Boarding charges for MULTIPLE dogs will be increasing starting June 1, 2018.

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