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A handful of 2015 GSPs
A handful of 2015 GSPs A full handful of GSPs, born n 2015 and about six weeks old at the time...
2015 Litter
2015 Litter An energetic litter from 2015...
Our own kennels..
A typical kennel
the whelping kennel
private outdoor space
Sonny Male Labrador Sonny is a 'Fox Red' variety of Yellow Lab, and proud poppa of six pups born with Black Lab lady Raven May 25, 2019
Mia Yellow Labrador lady Mia (pronounced My-a), is one of our own, and someday will also be a Ruff Country momma.
GSP lady Roxy is expecting a litter with lad Echo around June 4, 2019.
Wrain Just look at the lovely markings on GSP lady Wrain!
.2015 GSPs, about six weeks old...


Ruff Country is a quality breeder of Labrador Retrievers & German Short Haired Pointers; watch our Facebook page for Litter Announcements. 2019 marks our 25th year in the dog business, and we are proud to deliver quality, caring services.   We only breed our females once per year each.  And only 4 times in their lifetime.  At six years of age they are spayed and then go to new fur-ever homes, to enjoy well earned retirement.  During their time with us they enjoy daily exercise in the great outdoors including swimming in our ponds, so they are healthiest mothers they can be!  Watch our Facebook page for litter announcements...


SPRING PUPPIES - Our first litter of lab

in March 2019 resulted in ten lovely puppies,

some black, some yellow, all GONE!


Upcoming Litters - (photo at right) - Black Lab lady

Raven delivered six pups (5 Yellow - 2 males

& 3 females, plus 1 Black male). by Yellow Lab dad Sonny May 25. 

Then Ruff Country's GSP lady Roxy is expected to deliver squirming, speckled bundles of joy around June 4th.  Call or text 902 758-3511 to discuss getting on the waiting list!

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