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Gun Dog Training


Kennel owner/operator Don Arsenault has gained a reputation in the field of hunting dogs as a top-notch trainer, with a proven knack of getting the most from his students. 

Experience,  technique & patience combine to produce a well-behaved,  well-trained working dog.  Much of the animal's cooperation comes from his desire to please and be praised by his master, and Don knows how to instill that willing-ness, that game, can-do, WILL-DO attitude in hunting dogs of various breeds.

There are several ponds nearby, situated on 220 acres of prime Woodcock and Grouse habitat, perfect for the training of Pointing Dogs and Retrievers.  Ruff Country's rolling property provides a good range of environments and terrain to train and condition your hunter for flexibility and endurance.

Fresh country air, regular exercise and our recommended feeding regime will ensure he is in great condition at 'graduation time'.

Don provides professional gun dog training using proven techniques resulting in a well balanced hunter and companion.

Retriever Training:

  • Intro to birds and guns
  • Electronic collar training
  • Marking
  • Blind retrieves
  • Trained retrieves

Pointing Dog Training

  • Intro to birds and guns
  • Whoa training
  • Holding point
  • Steadiness to wing and shot
  • Teaching backing
  • Hunting in range
  • Retrieving
Don accepts a LIMITED number of dogs for training; to contact Don for consultation or training,
please text or call 902.758.5455 or email don_arsenault@live.com

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